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There's a lot more that are at our local markets which I do not know how to categories them. So I thought I would put them here for now :-) You would find all sorts of stuff here including not locally made but sold by local stallholders here.

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Wooden Treasures
Heirloom Wooden Toys
Wooden Treasures specialises on high quality wooden toys made from European wood from sustainable forestry. Our range starts with baby toys suitable from birth and goes right up to preschool age with a great selection of free‐play, imaginative and educational toys. We are known for our great range of wooden animals from the German brand Holztiger. All our toys comply with Australian, European and German safety standards.
Phone: +614 0353 4379 | Email:
Pony Fun
Pony Fun Rides
Healthy, fun, mechanical ride‐about toys including ponies, unicorn, zebra, giraffe, tiger, lion, etc. It's also good exercise for kids & adults (under 80 kgs).
Phone: +614 5186 8203 | Email:
camping equipment, survival gear, fire figthing equipment, fishing rods
I am a Prepper. What is the concept of Prepping?. A Prepper is prepared for any eventuality, natural disaster or man made, and the usual infrastructure can not help or be able to respond at the time. I source stock from all over the world to bring the best at the best price possible. I have army surplus clothing and equipment, camping equipment, survival gear, fire fighting equipment not only extinguishers but smoke hoods that can provide 30 minutes of life saving air giving you time to reach safety, nautical safety equipment, gas masks, survival watches and bracelets, tactical vests, compact fishing rods but I do not Stock any weapons. I am assisted by my two tame zombies, skeletons and a witch.
Phone: +614 1076 0379 | Email:
Tupperware! By using Tupperware products for all your storing, freezing, reheating and serving, you can help reduce the impact that plastic wrap, throw‐away containers and disposable packaging has on the environment.
Phone: +614 0449 2712 | Email:
Topaz & Co.
Topaz & Co. is an online retailer of fine silver & gemstone jewellery. Each jewellery piece is as unique as the gemstone featured in the piece. The jewellery lines are carefully selected and designed here in Perth with the jewellery hand made in Thailand & India. In addition to being beautiful, each piece of jewellery also has a special meaning. All Topaz & Co. jewellery purchases come with a card detailing the spiritual and metaphysical properties of the gemstone or precious metal. We recently held our first market stall at the Xmas Mega Market in Curtin Stadium.
Phone: +614 4880 6428 | Email:
Thermomix display
Phone: +614 3257 0427 | Email:
scentsy prouducts electric warmers, home décor,cleaning prouducts, wax bars, laundry range,
Phone: +614 0708 7418| Email:
Scentsy started with Wax and Warmers and has evolved over the years into a Fragrance company. From a handful of Candle Warmers and Scented wax options, to an international company with over 80 Candle Warmers (Full and Mid Size), and over 80 different scents to buy, we have something for everyone. We have an ever growing list of Scentsy Fragrance Products such as Scents on the Go like our Scentsy Buddy’s, Scent Pak, Groom, Skin, Kids, Laundry, Clean, Room Spray, Scent Circles and Car bars! One of our newest additions to our product line is Essential and Natural Oils and Ultrasonic Diffusers.
Phone: +614 07141202 | Email:
R'Amazing Toys Australia
Toys (Including the LEGO type Block Toys), Sunglasses and Caps.
Phone: +614 22135777 | Email:
Pain Management Device
Pain Relief Device
Pain Managemenrt Devices supplies SUNMAS TENS Machines, SUNMAS Massage Sandals and SUNMAS Conductive Gloves. The SUNMAS TENS Machines helps you manage your pain and has been put on the list of medical appliances passed by the Therapeutic Goods Association in Australia. The SUNMAS Massage Sandals boost your circulation and the SUNMAS Conductive Gloves treat the whole hand wrist and right up the arm.
Phone: +614 0338 0669| Email:
Lindsey Emporium
A wide variety of crystals including tumbled stones, points, clusters, spheres, pyramids, hearts and caves.
Freedom Health Products
Medical devices
pain therapy units & massage hand held units, cushions & massage tables.
First in Breast Dressed
Breastfeeding stall
Breastfeeding stall: Nursing clothes, nursing pillows, boobie beanies, breastfeeding essentials
Dooley's Treats
Homemade dog treats, Dog accessories
Homemade dog treats and funky accessories.
Phone: +614 3852 4246 | Email:
C&J Succulents
Plants, planter box and glass ware
Hi, we propogate and plant succulents and cacti and arrange them in a vast array of hand‐made, vintage and quirky planter boxes and glass ware.
Phone: +614 3886 1577 | Email:
Unique Crazy Thongz and Thingz
Thongz Shaped Items
Footwear with a difference assortment of hats Novelties ‐ manicure set ( shape in thongz) ‐ bottle openers (shape in thongz) ‐ slippers ( shape in thongz) shower/camping packs ( all to do with thong theme)
Phone: +614 1734 3656 | Email:
Bec's Tupperware
A stall displaying the latest Tupperware products.
Phone: +614 6689 1528 | Email:
Tupperware with Nicola
All Tupperware products and current specials.
Phone: +614 0498 7017 | Email:
Tupperware with Cathie
Tupperware! Exceptional quality homewares products & loved by generations.
Phone: +614 1791 0619 | Email:
Brooke's Tuppa Time
All the latest products in Tupperware.
Phone: +614 1543 2987 | Email:
Thermomix with Emma
We would like to be there to show people the Thermomix, sell books and accessories to customers etc. There are also a lot of Thermomix customers who no longer have a Consultant so we would be happy to speak with them and partner them up with a new local Consultant in their area.
Phone: +614 0353 2052 | Email: emma‐
Scentsy with Kristie
Wickless candles, oil diffusers, electric warmers and home products. Beautiful smells for your home and family.
Phone: +614 3336 4843| Email:
It Makes Scents by Alicia Sorrell
Scentsy - Alicia
I sell safe home fragrance items, such as warmers, wax, oils, diffusers, cleaning products, laundry products etc.
Phone: +614 8877 9146 | Email:
Partnership for the Outback
NPO Sustainable WA Outback
Partnership for the Outback is an alliance of leading non for profit organisations who are running a new campaign to create a sustainable WA Outback for people and nature. We’re encouraging new jobs and enterprises, rewarding people who manage their land well and protecting our most special places. We would love to have the opportunity to hold an information stall at the Cambridge Street Festival as we believe people would be interested in hearing about a historic opportunity for our state and how they can help to create a better future for the next generation. We would not be looking for monetary donations and will not be selling merchandise. Our stall will have stunning panoramic photographs on display, a colouring in competition and free giveaways.
Norwex by Natalie
Norwex is a cleaning and personal care range that radically reduces the use of harsh chemicals in your home. Using just microfibre and water, cleaning time can be reduced by up to 70 per cent. Norwex is designed to save you time, money, your health and the environment.
Phone: +614 2348 8620 | Email:
Independent Phoenix Trading with Gemma
Stationaries, Giftwraps, Cards
Specialising in a unique and exclusive range of special occasion greeting cards, stationery, giftware, giftwrap and accessories.
Phone: +614 1165 5799 | Email: 11655799
Independent Phoenix Trading with Bronwen
Stationaries, Giftwraps, Cards
In a world where communication can be instant, receiving a handwritten card has become that extra bit special. The Phoenix Trading range features over 400 exclusive greeting cards, 70 postcards and other gorgeous stationary perfect for birthdays, thankyous, and a myriad of other "I'm thinking of you" occasions. Other Business Websites: https://www.phoenix‐
Phone: +614 0951 2665 | Email:
Child and Newborn Massage Perth
Massage for child and newborn
Child and Newborn Massage Perth provide massage courses for parents to learn massage strokes to help bond, have fun, understand their baby. The benefits of massage also include helping colic and reflux, deeper and longer sleep, help teething pains and many more. See our website for more information.
Phone: +614 3321 0806 | Email:
Begin Bright Bicton
Primary School Tutoring Centre
Begin Bright Bicton is a Primary Tutoring and School Readiness Centre which also provides School Holiday Craft and Science workshops. Begin Bright Bicton School Readiness and Primary Tutoring delivers a literacy and numeracy program that is Australian created and links directly to the Australian Curriculum ensuring that all skills learnt connect immediately to your child’s schooling. School Readiness classes are a one hour session per week and we focus on letter sounds, handwriting and numbers. Our classes also assist in extending attention span, developing fine motor control (through cutting, drawing, writing and craft), and increasing the ability to follow directions and complete set tasks. All of theses are important skills essential for the smooth transition to Kindergarten and Pre Primary. Classes are available to fit in with Kindy commitments during the week and on Saturday morning for children attending full time Pre-Primary.
Phone: +614 7878 6244 | Email:
Tinc Australia
Stationery, gifts, gadgets and accessories, primarily aimed at children but suitable for adults too.
Phone: +614 1369 9310 | Email:
The Life Spring Float Tank Centre
Float Tank Centre
We are a float tank Centre in cockburn and would like to share our float services with your public. We will have small bath salt (magnesium) samples to give away with flyers. Flotation Therapy is essentially a way of achieving deep relaxation by spending an hour or more lying quietly in darkness, suspended in a warm solution of Epsom salt. Our pods contain 500kg of magnesium salt so you float like a rubber duck in a bath. Like the Dead sea. floating is scientifically backed to reduce stress, increase relaxation & reduce muscle pains.
Phone: +614 3296 5429 | Email:
Shane's Madhouse
Skulls & Dragons
Skull and Dragon Ornaments Incense an incense holders 3D prints Various other Fantasy ornaments an bits an pieces pending whats in stock at supplier an various kids items along the same theme
Phone: +618 6296 6693 | Email:
Scentsy with Mia
Home fragrance, warmers, Melts, laundry products, cleaning products and kids products
Phone: +614 1297 1901 | Email:
Roller Ski Australia
Roller Ski
Learn how to ski ‐ no snow required! Roller Ski Australia offer people who don’t live near the snow to learn how to ski by learning how to roller ski. Roller skis are cross‐country skis with wheels and roller skiing is fun, low impact and gives you a total body workout! Roller skiing is for everyone and we want to see more people in Australia enjoy this amazing and fun sport! Roller Ski Australia offers individual and group lessons, team building events, after school and school holiday activities, birthday party, hire and equipment sales. Contact Roller Ski Australia for all things for roller skiing in Australia. Our mission is to spread our passion for cross‐country skiing through roller skiing in Australia. Our goal is to share knowledge and awareness about the sport and have the best gear available! On the Spring Market Day we will promote roller skiing and the activities and products ﴾roller ski gear and Pro‐X Walker﴿ that we offer and people will be able to have a go at roller skiing and try the Pro‐X Walker.
Phone: +614 3117 2151 / +614 2361 2547 | Email:
Old Man George
Plants & Décor
Old Man George is a Perth designer crafting 100% handmade concrete décor. Our creations are available in White, Marble or Charcoal concrete, and look great in their natural form. With various painted trim styles and an assortment of colours you are able to personalise any creation to suit your taste. Our creations range from $18 to $45. All of our creations can be purchased empty, or the option to have them planted. The plants are carefully selected from local growers and will vary due to availability. If your custom creation is to be planted, you can collect it from High Wycombe or have it delivered [within the Perth metro area] for a charge of $15.00. All of our creations are hand poured by us, then sanded, washed and the inside sealed using a premium eco‐friendly waterproofing sealer. The paint we use has been specifically formulated for concrete providing a durable and lasting finish. We include a drainage hole and mesh filter which allows water in the soil to drain freely so adequate air is available for the roots – this is critical to the plants health. The organic nature of concrete means that no two creations are the same so you will always own an Old Man George original. With variations in the texture it makes an unpredictable finish... and we just love that! All of our creations are made with love and as individual as you.
Phone: +614 0412 0776 | Email:
Enjo with Margaret
Enjo Cleaning Products
Enjo is a fibre base cleaning product where you only need water to clean.
Phone: +614 1902 3231 | Email:
Michael G Giftware
Gifts from Around the World
Quirky and quality giftware from all over the world. Michelle Allen Clocks, bags, cups. Metalware inc recycled aluminium bowls. Other assorted giftware.
Phone: +614 1290 9751 | Email:
Cracker Bears
Scented Wax Dipped Bears
Scented wax dipped bears and other animals, these are room fragrancers not candles
Phone: +614 0800 7252 Email:
A large range of Decorative string lights and kids lights that will add a beautiful ambience to any room. LED String Lights battery or electric, Kids Night Lights, Fairy Lights, Decorative Packs. These designer LED lights are just gorgeous. With a choice of battery or electric operated options in most styles, you will find the perfect fit for you. | Source from:
Phone: +61400563256 | Email:
Make Art Creative Classes and Workshops
Art Classes & Workshops
I provide fun classes on a termly basis, holiday workshops for children as well as one day workshops for adults. I aim to encourage the exploration of ideas, experimentation with materials to gain skills in various processes, creative thinking as well as developing confidence in making art. As a stall holder I provide quick fun art activities that can be completed at the stall or taken home to do.
Phone: 08 9523 6972 | Email:
A Dogs Tail
Pet Supplies
A Dogs Tail is an online shopping facility providing quality dog supplies for your pet. FREE Home delivery over $20 for residents SOR from South Perth to Mandurah on selected dates. We also attend regular markets including Canning Vale, Mandurah, Byford & Baldivis
Phone: +614 1566 3923 | Email: sales@adogstail
Tupperware-Nicola L
We provide home organisational workshops and tupperware products
Phone: +614 1051 6037 | Email:
Phone: +614 0008 2421 | Email:
Displaying the current Tupperware range and specials
Phone: +614 22430334 | Email:
Phone: +614 2381 5981 | Email:
Sweet Succulents
Sweet Succulents includes a diverse range of special succulents presented in beautiful, whimsical ways, ideal as special gifts or for your own pleasure. Some of the succulents are presented as mini and standard cupcakes (all totally no‐fat, nut free, gluten free!) that include a small pot, cupcake cover and pretty tag topper, we also have mini succulent starter kits comprising a total of eight different succulents to create wonderful personally styled gardens, There are "bonsai" succulent gardens consisting of a several different established succulents contained in glazed bonsai pots and a delicate selection of small and medium sized hanging fairy garden succulent orbs. Other glass items include vases featuring succulents, floral sand, coloured stones and soil and assorted sizes and shaped jars are also utilised to feature succulents to delightful effect. Mini bird cages with moss, succulents and fairy wrens can be found along with many other sweet succulent creations awaiting your visit to Sweet Succulents.
Phone: +614 3591 1542 | Email:
Scentsy is a direct selling company and international leader in home and personal fragrance, offering stylish, innovative and customizable products designed to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul. The Scentsy Diffuser instantly fills the air with world‐class fragrant all‐natural and essential oils, while Scentsy’s flagship product line of scented, wax Scentsy Bars heated in handcrafted warmers provides a safe, personalized alternative to traditional candles. Additional product lines include on‐the‐go fragrances, laundry care, inventive cleaning solutions and luxurious personal care products for women, men and kids — all infused with exclusive Scentsy fragrance. Scentsy products are sold through a network of Independent Consultants running home‐based businesses throughout North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
Phone: +614 9919 8822 | Email:
We are a wickless scented safe company that offers products for your home/office/car/laundry/children
Phone: +614 0909 7800 | Email:
Kids Fun Time $5 Stall
Kids toys and jewellery. Duck fishing with lucky dip. Plaster painting, pick a stick everyones a winner.
Phone: +614 5589 0667 | Email:

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