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Lumiere by Maris

Soy Candles
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My name is Marie, well my friends call me Maris. Why Maris? Well it rhymes with Paris of course. I love pretty things, I like things that smell nice, hey! I am a girl. Girls are supposed to like all things pretty, right? The thing I love the most are candles and especially the ones that smell nice. Sick of spending extortionate amounts of money for scented candles, I decided to make my own, and what a success it has been. I have created many assorted colours, scents and theme ideas which my pictures demonstrate. My candles are hand poured soy wax right here in WA, for those that don’t know much about soy wax, it is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soy bean.

There are many benefits in using soy wax, primarily that it is completely renewable and it will burn cleanly and slowly maximising your candle life. All my container soy wax candles are handpoured by myself in WA using only optimum products. I have been trying to Keep a french flair to all my candles making it unique to myself. I am constantly changing my stall display to keep my customers interested and trying to make it more interactive with the customers, there is nothing more boring than the same set up all the time. As my candles are as natural as can be, i try to keep the theme as close to nature as possible using natural wood as props etc... Depending on space, I usually

have two tables either in a L shape or one higher than the other in front of each other. I also have ladder like shelving also depending on space which i will use occasionally, I am introducing more display shelving in 2017.

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Camillo WA 6111

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February 28, 2017
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