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Bee Delighted Mobile Cafe

Mobile Cafe
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DRINKS [Something HOT] Reg ‐ $4.50/Medium – $5.50 /Large ‐ $6.00 Cappuccino Flat White Long Black Latte Macchiato Espresso Hot Chocolate Mocha Tea – Black/Green 

Reg ‐ $4.50/Medium – $5.50 /Large ‐ $6.00 Chai Latte Reg ‐ $4.50/Medium –$5.50 /Large ‐ $6.00 

[Something COLD] Water $3.00 Soft Drinks $3.00 Fresh Orange Juice – no preservatives $5.00 Fresh from the farm 

Smoothies $7.00 Frappes $7.00 Iced Coffee $7.00 Iced Tea $6.50 Iced Chai Latte/Frappe $7.00

We also are able to supply gluten free products. We carry full cream, low fat, soy, lactose free, almond, coconut and rice milk.

FOOD: [Something Baked] Cupcakes Cookies Banana Bread Slice Muffins Slices

[Something sweet] Honey Handrolled honey lollipops 

We use and promote local produce and support our local farmers. The orange juice that we sell comes directly from a local orange grower inKeysbrook. We will be adding other fruit juice lines later in the year. All juices are fresh and preservative free.

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Phone: +614 0592 5512 | Email:

Our Base

Byford WA 6122

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February 28, 2017
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