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Hi everyone here is a little page just about me. I have be aware and seen spirit all my life, however in the last 4 years I have opened myself up to giving others readings face to face or other the phone. My aim in this life is to bring the oneness to the world where there is no judgement between people, so they are connected to themselves and the earth at the same time. I also like to facilitator children and adults to the awareness that they are an amazing gift to the universe and they can choose the life they would like.

I have experienced so much change throughout the last 4 years from providing readings to people, which has given me the ability to use my awareness to read different energies, connect with spirit loved ones, see into the future or even connect with your past lives. By realising I have these abilities as Psychic Medium I have chosen to share this with others so they can also choose to get the answers the need to have a filling life. As we have chosen this body and life for some reason for what reason should we hate it?

Some have called me the angel of this universe or something that is just amazing making them laugh. So contact me for a reading or book a class on learning how to connect to spirit which is fun like me…

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Phone: +614 2177 6843 | Email:

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Kingsley WA 6026

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October 17, 2016
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