Kadidjiny Park Spring Markets

This is a special event hold by Our Local Markets in Kadidjiny Park, Melville on the 9th of September 2017 from 2pm to 8.00pm. This market consist of 100 market stalls and food trucks. 

The fee structure is as follow: 

$120 for commercial food trucks. 

$80 for a 3mx3m outdoor site BYO Gazebo, tables, and chairs. 

$120 for a 6mx3m outdoor site which valid only for 1 business or share between 2 businesses a 9mx3m outdoor site at $200.

Non for Profit organisation and busker is Free.

Should you require a Gazebo, this will be charged at $35 each. Trestle tables are $5 each. Limited number only hence please enquire when booking a stall. Please collect your hired items as you arrived at the entrance.

 A spot at the market is not confirm until all required documents have been submitted and payments are made in full. Please kindly submit your application form with this link: http://www.ourlocalmarkets.com.au/home/member-application-form.  


All refundable cancellation will incur a $10 cancellation fee. Cancellation must be informed by stallholders to event organiser via email (OurLocalMarkets@outlook.com) OR phone messaging (04-7821 9058) at least 3 weeks before event date. Stallholder fees will not be refunded if cancellation notice is given less than 3 weeks (21 days) to event date.


All sites are un-powered. We encourage that stallholders to bring their own power source if possible (batteries). You must inform the organiser if you are using a generator as you will need to be situated in the 'generator zone'. NOTE: All extension leads and power boards must be tagged and tested within 6 months from market's date. 


You will need to bring with you tables, marquee or gazebo, small sand bags or weights (it can get windy!), chairs, sign or banner, name cards, information of the products you are selling, a jacket as it may get cold, and a friendly smile. PEGS ARE NOT ALLOWED to be used. You must bring with you sufficient lighting for your own stall (min of 100 lumens lighting for a 3x3 area) for twilight markets. 2x LED camp lanterns would do the trick. Please remember to also bring a trolley for moving of your stall items as you may be required to walk a short distance to your stall with your goods from your vehicle. Please see at the end of page of a generic site map.

 You can sell anything providing it is safe and fit for sale (at Our Local Markets discretion) which includes new & second hand, homemade & home grown, home cooked low risk food, commercial food trucks, party plans, and, cosmetics, even imported goods.

 Due to limited car parking spaces, once unloading is completed please move cars to street parking on McKnight Pl further down the road to allow more customer parking. All rubbish and items must be cleared or thrown away in bins provided prior leaving.  I urged that stallholders to take care of the park and minimize the damage done as this may jeopardize our use of the park for any future markets!

 You must provide all details in the application forms at least 2 weeks before market dates. You are not required to pay council vendors registration fees as the market will cover this fee for you.


All stallholders must have a current Public Liability Insurance of not less than $10million. Certificate of Currency must be supplied along with the application. For general market stalls, if you do not have Public Liability Insurance and just wanted a day cover, try this link: http://www.mymarketinsurance.com.au/my-stall. Although it is not compulsory, all stallholders are recommended to obtain Product Liability for their products.

Please note... 

No alcohol is to be consumed or sold at the market.

More Links: http://www.ourlocalmarkets.com.au/events/kadidjiny-park-markets

Please join the discussion group on Facebook as all updates and announcement relating to the market will be posted there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ourlocalmarkets/

We are doing our best in promoting the markets via social media, flyers, banners and signs in the area, and any online event listing websites. However for maximum exposure, you are encourage to share the event or invite your friends as well! :))


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