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Our Local Markets ABN 69685869034 – Shipping and Handling Policies

1.     Turnaround

All orders are shipped within 2 working days, unless special arrangement has been made and agreed upon by the stall-holder (the seller) and you (the buyer).

2.     Carriers & Shipping Cost

Cost of carrier are calculated with AUSTRALIA POST pricing system in general. Seller may however specify their own carrier cost and method. The cost and method of carrier should be specified and calculated upon purchase of items. If unclear, please get in contact with seller prior to purchase.

Please note that the rate charged for the shipping of your order is based on the weight of your products, your location, and the type of shipping method you choose which also determines the shipping time. Before the final checkout page you will be shown what the cost of shipping will be, and you will have a chance to not place your order if you decide not to. 

Items purchased are to be shipped by our sellers direct to you. Hence the postage of items can be different and more if items purchased are from different sellers. 

Items can be collected from sellers direct if arranged and no shipping cost is applicable in this case. You must make sure that the seller is fully aware that you are collecting your order direct from them to avoid any shipping issues.

3.     Order Tracking

You should be notified when your purchased items are dispatched. If a tracking # is provided by the shipping carrier, the seller will update you of the tracking information via email. This information may be also be included in your order receipts.

Please note that you may receive multiple receipts and order tracking numbers if items purchased are from different sellers. Please contact seller directly if receipt or delivery status is not received within a day.

4.     Back Orders 

If an item purchased is out of stock, the seller will get in contact with you via email or phone (depends on the contact detail you have provided during purchase) to discuss the issue.

5. Issues and Disagreement

Our Local Markets has no involvement at all in the transaction between the seller and you. Therefore, you are advised to take necessary action to resolve any issues directly with the seller. 

You are however encouraged to file a complaint or inform Our Local Markets of the incident to help us improve our services to you and other users.

5.     Packaging & Handling

All items purchased should be packed in standard packaging that ensure products' safety during transportation. If special packaging is required, please contact seller direct upon or prior to purchase. Note seller may request for additional fees for special packaging and handling.

You are advised to have clear written agreement with the seller of the purchase arrangement to avoid any confusion later. This agreement could be your receipt or order confirmation, or email correspondence between you and the seller. Please make it your responsibility and mission to protect yourself. Thank you.

Date Update: 20th December 2015

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