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Our Local Markets ABN 69685869034 – Membership Information

To become online stallholder with Our Local Markets is easy!

First thing first, please provide your details to us by signing up as "online stallholder". By signing up you are in a binding contract with Our Local Markets and you are required to abide at all times to the terms and conditions of Our Local Markets which include here and below information.

We recommend stallholders to use Paypal as their online payment method as they offer free return postage to our customers.

We identified that the online shop platform is currently the best suited platform for the purpose. **If you already have an online shop and would like to use that instead, please contact us to discuss the possibility of incorporating your stall front on the website.

When this is completed, please go through the Ecwid setup wizard. On second step, select "I have a website" and "other platform" after that. Copy the code and send it to us in the application form.
 **We will assist in anyway if required. You can have multiple store-front online with just this one account. Hence, you can also have the same store on your Facebook page and your own website!

The online store account will allow you to sell up to 10 different products for FREE (You could although have multiple "options" for each products). And then, it is up to you if you wish to upgrade your account to a paid account for more products and functions.

All money paid by buyers are directly transferred to your account.

You are entirely responsible for the working of your online stall. Just like any physical local markets, Our Local Markets website is just a venue where you set up your stall. You will only be charged a flat stallholder fee for your online stall. See fee structures under membership information.

Although we will notify of our members any major changes to the terms and conditions, we urge that you check the pages regularly for minor changes.

Date update: 21st Aug 2017

Be Updated

Let us keep you updated of latest local market news & events with a monthly newsletter! And may be also products on sales!
***Head towards stallholders page below and submit your feedback to complete your participation in the FREE Gift event!***
We treat the information you provided to us with the highest respect. We will not disclose your information to any party outside of Our Local Markets without your written permission.

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